About Sashas

The unique, all natural Sashas™ formula is a non-invasive osteoarthritis treatment with no side effects. It is one of the most thoroughly researched joint health products in the world.

Sashas promotes the growth of healthy cartilage and conditions the joints by helping maintain the fluid (known as synovial fluid) that cushions joints. The synovial fluid is important for healthy joint function as it provides lubrication to the joint, supplies nutrients to the cartilage, provides impact protection for the joint and removes waste from the cartilage. Sashas also suppresses the production of nitric oxide, which is a major chemical produced responsible for pain and the breakdown of a healthy joint.

Sashas contains the full range of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) including keratin, dermatin, heparin sulphates and the commonly known glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates which provide the necessary nutrients required to stimulate healthy joint function.

The Sashas Story

Sashas Blend was launched in 2000 by Dan and Corina Bright, the owners of Interpath, when their 11-year-old dog Sasha began to show signs of lameness after exercise.

Dan and Corina were already in the human health industry and had sufficient knowledge to question why veterinarians did not have a scientifically proven, natural joint health treatment that could be taken long term without any side effects. This was the catalyst for developing Sasha’s Blend, named of course after Sasha, the first dog to trial the product.

As well as using their own expertise, they contracted scientific facilities to research joint function and looked for natural actives and combinations which would provide outstanding results in terms of promoting joint function and mobility in dogs and cats.

After significant research and subsequent field trials, Sashas Blend became the first Australian developed natural arthritis treatment to achieve veterinary registration with the APVMA in 2001.

Sashas Blend soon became the number one selling joint treatment for pets in Australasia. Following the success of Sashas Blend, the Sashas product range has extended to include Sashas Flexi.

About Interpath

Interpath is an innovative company based in Ballarat, Australia specialising in research, development and marketing of nutraceutical products for the treatment of inflammatory joint disease. Interpath takes an evidence-based medical approach to its research and development. This involves the development of safe, clinically proven products which not only provide symptomatic relief, but which also halt underlying disease processes.

In 2010, Interpath released the equine joint health/pain relief product 4CYTE, a result of 3 years of ground breaking trial work including the discovery of a new active ingredient. 4CYTE is now available for horses, dogs and cats (subject to local regulations).

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